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  • Qihoo V. Tencent, Who would be the Final Winner - Analysis Seminar of Anti Monopoly Live Case

    2013.12.16 - 2013.12.16

    On 18: 00, Dec. 16, 2013, seminar titled “Who would be the Final Winner?— Analysis Seminar of Anti Monopoly Live Case” has been held successfully in Room 402, Mingde Law building, Renmin University of China. This seminar is co-sponsored by Renmin University of China Law School Youth League Committee and China-Korea Market and Regulation Law Research Center (MRLC), undertaken by the Law School Youth Volunteer Association

    At the invitation of associate Professor Meng Yanbei of MRLC, partner lawyer Ding Liang from Deheng Law firm attend the seminar and thoroughly interpreted the high-profile Qihoo V. Tencent antitrust case for teachers and students of Law School of Renmin University of China. Associate Professor Tan Wei, head of Economics Department of Hanqing Advanced Institute of Economics and Finance, as well as associate professor Meng came as guest comments. The legal and economic problems related to the case Qihoo V. Tencent have been discussed and analyzed in detail during the seminar.

    This seminar focused on the frontier problems in anti-monopoly law subjects, enabled students to see the integration of theory and practice from the case Qihoo V. Tencent, thus get a more vivid and deep understanding of the anti-monopoly law.

    Ding Liang, Partner Lawyer of Deheng Law Firm

    Associate professor Meng Yanbei

    Associate Professor Tan Wei