past events

  • MRLC Salon Phrase I: Professor Hu Deng Leads How to Spend Time at University

    2015.11.16 - 2015.11.16

    At noon on November 16th, 2015, MRLC Salon Phrase I was held successfully in Room 725 of Mingde Law Building. This salon invited Professor Hu Deng, who works in Mental Health Education and Consultation Center of Renmin University of China, to communicate and share with 15 students in Law-News Class of 2015 grade. Associate Professor Meng Yanbei of Renmin Law School held this salon.

    The entire communication carried out in a relaxed atmosphere. With 15 students sitting around the conference table, Professor Hu Deng communicated with them how to spend time at university from his own experience and feelings. He believed that Renmin University is a place cultivating the trans-boundary talents, and he hoped that students do not waste time in the college and try to live life to the fullest. Moreover, he maintained the importance of interest by introducing his own experience of being a volunteer in the Youth Hotline for 17 years. He believed that interest is the first driving force of life, only by interest can one insist on doing things for long term, and he encouraged the students to constantly try to find their own points of interest. Besides, he repeatedly stressed the importance of learning and reading. On the one hand, he recommended the students by systematic reading and reading classics and history to establish the overall framework of thinking and cognitive models. On the other hand, he hoped the students not to be limited to a certain major; they may dabble in more areas and broaden their horizons. With regard to everyone’s questions, he widely quoted his own experiences and the reality cases to answer the questions, which benefited the students a lot in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

    Associate Professor Meng Yanbei summarized this salon. She encouraged the students to read more books and think more in everyday life, enriched themselves constantly through learning and understanding of different areas. She pointed out that this salon is a part of freshman seminar designed to help 2,015 freshmen adapt to college life, cultivate interest in learning and achieve the transition from high school to college students. She hoped that the students could benefit from this salon.