past events

  • MRLC Co-organized the Power-nation Intellectual Property Expert Lecture Phrase III

    2015.07.28 - 2015.07.28

    On the afternoon of July 28th, 2015, the Power-nation Expert Lecture Phrase III was successfully completed in Renmin University. This lecture was hosted by Beijing Power-nation Intellectual Property Institute, and co-organized by China-Korea Market & Regulation Law Center. Associate Professor Meng Yanbei of Renmin Law School hosted this lecture. In the meanwhile, almost 300 persons from the industry circles, academic circles and professional circles attended the lecture.


    The senior partner of Finnegan Henderson Mr. Yao Keshi introduced the newest cases and trend in the US, and introduced emphatically the licensee’s practice and trend based on the FRAND principle. Besides, he especially introduced the contract-based benefited third party’s defense situations, reasons and the court’s standpoint.


    Doctor Bi Chunli from China Academy of Telecommunication gave a detailed introduction of Huawei v. IDC Case. She introduced Huawei, IDC and the practice and attitude of the courts of first instance and second instance. Finally, the meeting further discussed the standard essential patent rate.


    Chief Inspector Qu Xiaoyang of Siemens intellectual property department, Chief Inspector Wang Bin of Huawei Company, Vice president Guo He of Renmin Law School and President Yang Xuri of Power-nation Intellectual Property Research Institute made wonderful comments.


    The participants in the meeting shared their experience and exchanged opinions, which created quite active atmosphere. In this meeting, members attending the meeting preliminarily reached consensus on some basic issues. Moreover, their discussion pointed out the legal practice of standard essential patent in our country.


    The standard essential patent is an important bonding point of industry and patent, meanwhile, it’s also the major policy and industry rule of ICT industry. In recent years, with the appearance of cases like Huawei v. IDC and Qualcomm anti-monopoly cases, the courts in our country gradually involved in the issue of standard patent disposal (FRAND), and it becomes a significant event for China’s industrial circle and judicial authorities.