past events

  • Market and Regulation Law Center (MRLC) hosted the "International Conference on Recent Trends of IT Industry Restructuring Worldwide & Regulatory Reactions of Korea and China - with an Emphasis on Antitrust and IPR"

    2014.05.23 - 2014.05.24

    In May 24, 2014, the International Conference on “Recent Trends of IT Industry Restructuring Worldwide& Regulatory Reactions of Korea and China - with an Emphasis on Antitrust and IPR" was held successfully inBeijing Empark Hotel. About 150 participants from Chinese, Korean, EU, US and Japan academic, industrial and government sectors attended the meeting.

    At the beginning, MRLC Chinese Representative Commissioner Shi Jichun and Korean Representative Commissioner Kim, Yeon-Tea addressed opening remarks. Then the international conference is divided into Regulatory Reactions in China, Regulatory Reactions in Korea, foreign perspectives and round-table four sessions. Professor Wang Xiaoye from Institute of law, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences hosted the first session. Deputy director Liu Ye from Chinese Administration for Industry and Commerce(SAIC)Competition Law Enforcement Bureau gave a keynote speech on “SAIC’s latest progress in antitrust enforcement and preliminary exploration of antitrust enforcement in the field of intellectual property ”. Officials from Ministry of Industry and Information Technology(MIIT) and academics discussed issues about IP rights, the internet industry and anti-monopoly legislations and regulations in China . The second session, Regulatory Reactions in Korea, was presided over byProfessor Wu Hanhong from economics school, Renmin University of China. Ji, Chul Ho, a Standing Commissioner of the Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) analyzed the regulatory trend of KFTC in the abuse of IP rights cases, and academics illustrated Korean IP anti-monopoly legislations and judicial status. The foreign perspectives session was chaired by Professor Li Huang of Korea University, representatives from America Federal Trade Commission(FTC),USA Antitrust Association,the EU Competition Commission and academics from the US and Japan had an extensive discussion on restrictions in competition and monopoly issues in the standard setting involving IP technology. In the roundtable session, with Professor Shi Jianzhong from China University of Political Science and Law hosting, YANG Jie from Antimonopoly Law Guidance Department of SAIC Antimonopoly and Anti-unfair Competition Enforcement Bureau, Doc.LI Changxi from Regulation Devision in Politics and Law Department of MIIT, Park, Jae Hyun of KFTC, Ms. Koren Wong-Ervin from FTC international affairs office, Mr. Gunnar Wolf from EN Competition Committee, Mr. Albert Foer from the USA Antitrust Association, Professor D.Daniel Sokol from Florida University Law School and other attendees had an extensive discussion about FRAND Principle(FRAND stands for fair, reasonable and no discrimination) and anti trust law enforcement. Participants of this international conference shared the same opinion that, with the topic and common challenges which globalization and technology innovation brought to the anti-monopoly enforcement, legislation and supervision departments shall not only stick to their own value system and judicial experience, but also strengthen communication and cooperation between each other. At the end of this conference, MRLC Chinese executive director, Professor Meng Yanbei concluded the conference anddelivered the closing remarks. She believed that, with this many high level attendees, diversified perspectives and views, having consensus, arguments, sparks of thoughts and collision opinions emerging, this international conference achieved fruitful results by “thinking about issues in China through an international perspective”