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  • professor Liu Chuntian was awarded Award for Excellency in Education

    2018.09.13 - 2018.09.13

          On September 12, 2018, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce held an annual Award for Excellency in Education Ceremony in Washington to recognize intellectual champions in the United States and other countries in the world for technological innovation, literary and artistic creation, intellectual property legal protection and teaching research. etc.

          This year's Award for Excellency in Education was awarded to  Professor Liu Chuntian from Renmin University of China. This is the first time that the award has been awarded to Chinese intellectual property teaching and research experts since the establishment of the award.​

    Presented by Mr. Marcus P. Williams, IBM Governmental Affairs Exclusive

    I have the pleasure of introducing Professor Liu Chuntian of Renmin University who is receiving the IP Education award this evening.  

    Professor Liu was a pioneer in developing the study of intellectual property in higher education in China. He was the first professor to teach IP Law in China starting in 1985 and he founded the Renmin University IP Teaching and Research Center in 1986. 

    He is a prolific writer on IP matters and serves as an advisor on all things IP for numerous organizations – he is also very active in championing artists rights in China.   Professor Liu is progressive, has a global outlook and serves as co-chair of the U.S. Chamber’s IP Cooperation Dialogue with China.  

    His most recent work advocates for treating intellectual property as the foundation to fulfill human aspirations and amending China’s civil code to improve the protection of IP rights in China. I have had the opportunity first hand to see Professor Liu's amazing capabilities and commitment to strong IP rights in his service as co-chair of the IP Cooperation Dialogue.

    It is my honor and privilege to present the 2018 IP Champions Award for Excellence in Education to Professor Liu Chuntian of Renmin University.