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  • China-Korea IP & Competition Law Annual Report 2016

    2017.11.28 - 2017.11.28

    The China-Korea IP & Competition Law Annual Report 2016 (the “2016 MRLC Annual Report”) has been published by the China-Korea Market & Regulation Law Center (“MRLC”), co-founded by the ICR Law Center of Korea University and the Economic Law Research Center of Renmin University.

    Undertaken based on understanding that there is a lack of knowledgeable text on the topic of Chinese and Korean IP & Competition laws, the 2016 MRLC Annual Report series offers expert, practical and in-depth introduction of yearly developments of Chinese and Korean laws in the fields of IP and Competition law in English, Chinese and Korean for an international audience.

    The first and second installments of the MRLC Annual Report were well accepted by experts all over the world as the first work of its kind covering a full range of issues in IP and Competition laws, including in-depth discussion of developments in the intersection between IP and Competition laws. The newest edition has been published in 2 separate volumes (in English and in Chinese & Korean) to enhance ease of use.

    By combining the highest expertise and resources in the 2 jurisdictions while encompassing major issues and cases of these fields, the annual report provides in-depth knowledge and discussion on the most cutting-edge and controversial issues in these fields of each jurisdiction.

    Please click on the link below to reach to purchase the 2016 MRLC Annual Report in e-book and paperback format.




    ICR/MRLC hopes that our collaborative efforts in the Annual Report series elevates the discussion and brings about legal and institutional progress in the Asian region as a whole.

    If any questions regarding the China-Korea IP & Competition Annual Report, please contact the ICR Law Center Secretariat at