past events

  • MRLC Series of Lectures Phrase Ⅸ: “‘Internet’ + ‘Law’ on how to help law school students accelerate their growth” was Held Successfully in Renmin Law School

    2016.11.09 - 2016.11.09

    On November 9th, 2016, China-Korea Market and Regulation Law Center (MRLC) series of lectures phrase : “‘Internet’ + ‘Law’ on how to help law school students accelerate their growth” was held successfully in Room 602 of Law Building of Renmin University. Ms Xu Jing, the joint initiator of Itslaw was invited as a guest speaker accompanied by Mr Zhao Runzhong, the editor of Itslaw. This lecture was held by Professor Meng Yanbei of Renmin Law School, and Associate Professor Song Biao of Renmin Law School was invited to be the commentator.

    Ms. Xu made a splendid speech on the connection between “law” and “Internet” from multiple dimensions starting from the definition of the “Internet”. After a brief introduction of Itslaw’s application products and services combined with “internet” and “law”, Ms Xu asked students what the definition of internet is in their own perspectives. In her opinion, the internet combined different parts of the world which brought a huge network and plateau effects. To some extend, the internet makes contribution to the resource reconfiguration. The other important characteristic of internet is the data. Big data changes people’s lifestyles and breaks the border of the information. Furthermore, the combination of the “internet” and “law” can not simply copy the patterns of Taobao or Uber, when taking the unique characteristic of the law industry into consideration. It needs a long process to finish the service and the customer feedback is really subjective. Ms Xu concluded her speech by William Gibson’s quotation “The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed” to expire the students to try their best.

    During the lecture, Associate Professor Song Biao shared his understanding of the relationship of “law” and “new technology”. In the end, Professor Meng Yanbei concluded this lecture. She pointed out the challenge raised by the internet during the development of law, especially in the areas of the legal valuation, legitimate aim, basic logical structure and the dynamic nature of legal system. Professor Meng thanked Ms Xu for her wonderful speech, which provided a new perspective for the students to think and study.